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Upload Videos or Photos of your project or emergency – Leaving for work at 6 AM and your water pipe breaks; do you have tools on you? Yes, you have the PIMPPROS app on you and all you need to do is take a video of the problem or snap some photos and send your request out.

Instant Response – Up to three Service Providers will replay back with quotes for you to review. Once you accept 1 of the 3 a Service Provider will be on their way and you will be able to see where they are in route to your house – increasing your comfort.

Choose the Right Quote for you – Remember the old days of going down a long list of plumbers in the phone book and calling each one until you found someone that 1) returned your call or 2) found one that was willing to help at 3 AM in the morning. Well, you can now view options and no long have to worry about searching.

Request History – This will keep a log of the entire request you have made through the PIMPPROS app and who did the work; making this convent for future projects or callbacks.

Your Information Is Private – We do not show the Service Provider your information until you accept their proposal.

No Credit Card Information – We do not ask or require you to put any financial information in the app as a homeowner.

Review Service Providers – When you receive a quote from the 3 closest Service Providers you will be able to review their profiles and reviews on the app.

Track the Service Providers – after you accept the Service Providers quote you do not have to worry about time. Leave the app open and you will be able to track the Service Providers arrival time.

User Friendly – Very simple navigation, this is not a social media platform. We designed the app to be efficient and effective. We want you to use the app, with no ads, to get your request out to professionals with no headaches – it’s that simple!



Ever wonder how you could easily pick up new customers or more work when your servicemen and women are finished a project at a neighboring house 30 MILES AWAY from your office? We built this app with the Service Provider in Mind – pick up new customers when your employees are 30 miles away from your office facility/warehouse by downloading the app and showing your existence.

Contractor Friendly – Set up your profiles and a company may have has many profiles as they do have drivers. If your serviceman or women is currently on a call with another customer they can hit a toggle switch that will mark the system as not available.

Quality HOT Leads – Your serviceman or women is 30 miles away and they have a 40 minute drive back to the office/warehouse – nothing wrong with picking up a new client along the way because you happen to be in the right place at the right time. These homeowners have a service request and they need your service right away.

Secure Payment – Once you create an account with PIMPPROS on the app you will be asked to place a credit card on file. If you never accept any service request you will never be billed on the PIMPPROS app. The only time you will receive a charge is when you accept to submit a proposal to the homeowner. Those charges will remain in your account for the lifetime of that account.

Free Listing – Once you are signed up with the PIMPPROS app you will receive a free listing on our directory. We have other plans that you may look into for the directory that will give you more visibility.

Instant Response – Up to 3 service providers you will always be bidding against. Once you send your proposal back to the homeowner they will approve and you will hear back immediately with the address and customer details. Once you arrive you will be able to notify the homeowner through the app that you have arrived.

Service History – This will keep a long of the services you accepted and performed through the PIMPPROS app and who you did the work for.

4 Quote Options – After receiving the service request from the homeowner will be giving the provided content to review and replay back with 4 different options – Fixed Price, Price Range, On Site Visit Needed, or Upload a File Proposal.

App is Free to Download on IOS and Android

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